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Ovoid Tank (Egg) MC Model

The Vertical Ovoid or Egg MC model tank offers the benefits of the inherent micro-oxidation present in the porous natural cement comprised of calcium and clay. The large egg shape promotes suspension of the wine lees, due to the disparity of volume and temperature between the top and bottom of the tank. The vortex created has an effect similar to battonage, or lees-stirring, and helps build body and structure in the wines. The large thermal mass of the concrete combined with the vortex movement of the wine, creates a container suited for consistent ferments as well as a porous aging vessel.

This atypical shape was inspired by ancient Roman Dolia, and has gotten a lot of attention in the past two decades in the world of wine.

The model and form of the ovoid tanks was calculated according to the rules of the Golden Ratio, used since the Antiquity, to form perfect proportions of function and art.

In addition to its many advantageous qualities for winemaking, the MC Ovoid tank will make a stunning aesthetic addition to your winery.

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