Installation and
Transport of Tanks

Nomblot concrete wine tanks are made in our own production facility, by our expert artisan craftsmen, concretrating on producing a product of the highest quality. Our own team, or our distributors can help you manage the logistics and installation of your new tanks. We have knowledgable representatives all over the world who are eager to help you achieve your dream of bringing top-notch concrete tanks into your winery.


Transport and
Unloading of
the Wine Tanks

Whether the tanks are transported by container or freight truck, we can help you organize all of the needed details to facilitate a seamless installation into your winery. Please consult us to receive more information regarding our resources and partners to make a logistics and set-up plan for your new tanks.


The concrete tank is then placed in the desired location, and is positioned and leveled on its concrete feet. Provided the tank is placed centered and completely on its 4 feet, the tank will stay stable. Even though there is a 3% slant of the floor of the tank, the front face of the tank will stay level and horizontal. On average, we can install 2-3 tanks in about half a day. With more complicated installations, it can take up to a half a day per tank, depending on the constraints and restrictions of the installation.


Who organizes the installation ?

In France, we have a team at Nomblot dedicated to installing tanks at our clients’ wineries. In some rare cases, we will need to sub-contract the installation of the tanks to one of our highly qualified partners. For orders that will be exported to other countries, the tanks will be shipped in open top containers of 20 or 40 feet. The installation of the tanks can be organised by our distributing partners using one of our many skilled contracted crane services. With the trust in our international distributers and partners, we can guarantee the same quality of service that you would receive directly from Nomblot in France.

After installation,
Seasoning of the Tank

Once the tank is installed and leveled in its final home, it will be necessary to season the inside of the tank. This process involves spraying the inside of the tank walls with a tartaric acid solution, which creates a barrier between the pH of the cement and the wine. A proper seasoning will require 4 applications of tartaric solution, spread across a few hours, taking up about 1 day of preparation.