Ovoid Concrete Wine Tank
Round Truncated tank with conical Bottom – KB Model
Tanks with a concave bottom – low conicity
Tanks with a concave bottom – high conicity
Cubic Tanks JB Model
Cubic Tanks B Model
Concrete Amphoras
5-sided Corner Tank – MG Model
Custom tanks

High-Conicity Truncated Tanks

These truncated concrete tanks are defined by their rate of conicity between 26% and 31%, or between 7% and 11%. These vessels possess the excellent thermal inertia characteristics of all concrete tanks, allowing for a slow and controlled ferment. The inspiration for the style of tank comes from traditional oak fermenters, but adapted and updated in their form to accommodate the needs of fermentation in concrete.

Within this range, Nomblot has incorporated tanks that were built to the specifications of the reputed Screaming Eagle, Dana, and Harlan Estates in Napa Valley.

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