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excellence !

World leader in concrete tanks

Nomblot concrete tanks are used all over the world by renown winemakers. You can find our tanks in France, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Chile, Spain, among other notable wine regions !
As a leader in the industry, Nomblot offers a range of classic tanks, as well as custom tanks to satisfy the needs and constraints of each of our clients.
All of the tanks are produced in one solid piece, with no chemical additives and with their quality guaranteed.
The Béton Concept group today is the owner of the enterprise that was created by Etienne Nomblot in 1922 in Ecuisses in the Saone-et-Loire region of France.

collection wine tanks

Always striving

to evolve and update our products

Nomblot, based in Torcy since 2016, never stops innovating and investing in their equipment to modernize and improve their products for their customers.
True to our own values, we continue to craft products of the highest quality standards, produced in one single mold, composed only of natural concrete.
Nomblot is constantly in search of new products, and works hard to evolve its production process.
Our work pushes us to explore different aesethics and the impact of form on olfactory senses, in search of new models of winemaking vessels.