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Dolia Model

The Dolia model draws off of the rich ancient history of winemaking in amphoras. French producer, Nomblot, conceived the concrete Dolia to accompany a more natural winemaking style.

The shape is inspired from the amphoras used in the Antiquity, which creates a continual gentle vortex within the wine due to thermal convection. The lees of the wine stay constantly in light suspension, which allows for a minimal intervention approach to fermentation and aging, without the need for lees-stirring or batonnage. This vessel offers the ability for a natural winemaking approach while staying extremely respectful of the fruit and aromatics of the wine.

In addition, the concrete used for all Nomblot tanks is a polymer-free natural cement. This material is conceived without the use of harsh chemicals, and gives the benefit of strong thermal dynamics, allowing for slow and steady shifts of temperature. This consistent temperature combined with gentle movement of the liquid within this vessel contributes to healthy fermentation and development of the wine.

Finally, the concrete used for Nomblot tanks facilitates the natural phenomenon of slow micro-oxidation. Fine air bubbles are dissolved into the vessel through the walls and blend into the wine. The reaction of the wine and controlled oxidation contributes to a softening of tannins and accentuates the aromatic profile of the fruit. The final product will show a roundness in the midpalate and freshness of fruit, without the distortion and sweetness commonly imparted by oak barrels. As the concrete is inert, and does not impart flavor into the wines, the finished product stays true to the terroir and profile of the fruit coming directly off of the vineyard.

Nomblot offers a wide array of colors available for its tanks, making these vessels not only incredibly functional, but also an excellent aesthetic addition to your cellar.

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