Ovoid Concrete Wine Tank
Round Truncated tank with conical Bottom – KB Model
Tanks with a concave bottom – low conicity
Tanks with a concave bottom – high conicity
Cubic Tanks JB Model
Cubic Tanks B Model
Concrete Amphoras
5-sided Corner Tank – MG Model
Custom tanks

Custom SM Tanks

The custom tanks offered by Nomblot can adapt to the many space constraints and particular layouts of your winery. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you find and design the vessel that will best fit your winery to maximize efficiency and winery capacity.

You can find our custom tanks at many notable Domaines around the world !

Why chose a custom wine tank ?

Custom wine tanks can be adapted to fit any spatial disposition or constraints of your wine cellar. We can help you devise an ideal planning for the layout of your cellar, maximizing the volume and the floor space available.

Whether you envision cubic tanks, rectangular tanks, ovoid tanks, truncated tanks or another custom version, we can help you find the ideal layout of your cellar relative to your intended volume capacity.

What are the advantages of a concrete wine vessel ?

Through much research and many years of experience, Nomblot has chosen its specific composition of concrete for its many properties that enhance a natural fermentation and aging of wine.

A Nomblot concrete tank permits the phenomenon of micro-oxidation, while keeping consistent temperatures. A custom wine tank, allows for the slow exchange of oxygen to traverse the concrete walls and soften tannin and develop and evolve the aromatics and fruit profile.

The custom tanks for fermentation and wine aging offer the same benefits of all of our line of concrete vessels: you will find a slow and consistent fermentation that accentuates fruit profile and texture, without large swings in temperature that are often seen in vessels constructed of other materials. Concrete possesses an excellent thermal inertia !

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