Ovoid Concrete Wine Tank
Round Truncated tank with conical Bottom – KB Model
Tanks with a concave bottom – low conicity
Tanks with a concave bottom – high conicity
Cubic Tanks JB Model
Cubic Tanks B Model
Concrete Amphoras
5-sided Corner Tank – MG Model
Custom tanks

Ovoid Tanks

Ovoid Tank (Egg) MC Model

The Vertical Ovoid or Egg MC model tank offers the benefits of the inherent micro-oxidation present in the porous natural cement comprised of calcium and clay. The large egg shape promotes suspension of the wine lees, due to the disparity of volume and temperature between the top and bottom of the tank. The vortex created has an effect similar to battonage, or lees-stirring, and helps build body and structure in the wines. The large thermal mass of the concrete combined with the vortex movement of the wine, creates a container suited for consistent ferments as well as a porous aging vessel.

Concrete Amphoras

Dolia Concrete Amphora

The Dolia concrete vessel by Nomblot, inherited its forme from the amphoras used in the Antiquity for wine. As a result of its unique shape, this fermentation vessel keeps the wine lees in suspension, allowing for wines to build volume, concentrate its aromatics and express its fruit profiles.

In the past, the Romans used large jars or amphoras made of Terra Cotta, to ferment and age their wines. These ancient vessels helped keep the wines a constant temperature, allowing for a healthy fementation of the grapes.

Without pumping-over or lees stirring, this tank, inspired by Roman amphoras, allows the aging of the wine with constant contact with the wine’s solids, building body and texture with minimal intervention.

The absence of hard angles in this tank promotes circulation, and keeps the solids in suspension during elevage. This effect “feeds” the mid palate, bring richness while polymerizing tannins, therefore staying true to the terroir and pure expression of the fruit.

Concrete amphoras are becoming more and more popular in France. From winemakers at the Grand Domaines producing wines with the utmost finesse, to smaller producers concerned with minimal intervention practices such as biodynamics, organics, and natural winemaking, the concrete amphoras have proven to be versatile vessels that highlight the purity and place of the wines.

With its expansive references at some of the world’s most renown wine estates, Nomblot assures the truest aromatic expression of your wines in this vinification and elevage tank. Discover the profile of this dynamic vessel, inspired by hundreds of years of history, dating back to the Antiquity.

Cubic Tanks

Custom Tanks, Burgundy Tank

The cubic wine tanks invented, fabricated, and distributed by Nomblot were created to respond to the needs of winemakers and cellarmasters. These concrete tanks allow for the the optimum utilisation of availble space in the winery.

The range of cubic tanks from Nomblot carries references across some of the world’s most recognized Domaines. The B Model Burgundy tank is particularly popular, and is the most common in exceptional wine cellars in Burgundy.

Thanks to the particular shape and construction, the rectangular and cubic vinification tanks present specific qualities that assure the healthy fermentation, aging, and stocking of wine.
These tanks offer a slight micro-oxidation, allowing a light passage of air to traverse the walls of the tank into the wine. This phenomenon creates a softening of tannins and accentuates the aromatic profile of the fruit and the terroir.

Nomblot offers many notable references for their rectangular and cubic tanks. As well as being a classic choice for Burgundian winemakers, you can find these tanks all throughout France at some of the most respected wineries in almost all French appellations.

Truncated Tanks

Tanks with a concave bottom, in low or high conicity

Nomblot’s range of Truncated Wine tanks was created in collaboration with some of the world’s most renown winemakers. With their unique design, composed of low or high conicity, truncated concrete tanks offer many advantages for winemaking.
A slight slant of 5% of the floor of the tanks allows for easy draining and digging out of these fermentation tanks. The absence of corners in the tanks also enables easy and quick cleaning of the tanks.
The concrete tanks possess the properties of slight micro-oxidation during the fermentation which helps to round tannins, creating more volume in the wine and more concentrated aromatics.

Concave-Bottom Tanks

Low Conicity Model


High Conicity Model

Specific Tanks

5-Sided Corner Tank

Our line of “Custom Tanks” can adapt to the constraints of many unique vinification projects. Nomblot can create specially designed tanks to fit within the confines of space and layout of any winery. We can help you optimize your winery to achieve the most efficient use of the available space.

The 5- sided MG tank from Nomblot, is the most popular and notable tank in the line of custom tanks. This tank for fermentation and elevage maximizes the possible space in a winery, by filling the otherwise empty space in the corner between two rectangular or cubic tanks.

Because of it’s unique shape, this vessel is compatible with many different configurations of tanks in the winery. Each side can be adjusted in length and height to create a plethora of volumes and sizes, allowing for endless possibilities in your cellar. Nomblot tanks can help any winemaker achieve distinctive wines while respecting the limitations of space of the winery.