Vertical oval cask MC model

The vertical ovoid tank takes advantage of the micro-oxygenation that is made possible by the clay-cement material. In this giant “egg”, the lees are continuously forced upward by an internal current resembling a vortex.

Basic colors available
Blanc Coquille d'oeuf Gris anthracite Gris clair Gris moyen Lie de vin Noir Ocre rouge Pierre Vert d'eau
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This tank takes its inspiration from
the Roman “dolia”, a large jar for storing wine.

The different models
Units of measurement system : International Sytem

Modéle Volume Opening Diameter Height Weight
MC 7 7.1 With stainless steel valve 1,20 1,75 1,26
MC 17 17.3 With stainless steel-door cuvais 1,57 2,21 2,7