Dolia tank

The Dolia wine amphora-shaped tank is a unique model, designed along the original lines of antique winemaking containers. Nomblot, French manufacturer of wine amphora, designed the Dolia concrete tank model, both aesthetic and practical to accompany a more natural winemaking process.

The Dolia concrete wine amphora tank, with its curves inspired by the amphoras of antiquity, generates a continuous vortex within it. Thus, the lees are in constant movement and suspension, which limits the intervention of the cellar master in the context of stirring or mixing actions. The wine amphora fermentation tank thus offers the possibility of a more natural vinification, while respecting the fruit.

In addition, the concrete used by Nomblot, a wine amphora manufacturer, for this vinification tank is itself completely natural, without the addition of synthetic products. With its excellent thermal inertia, it prevents any abrupt change in temperature within the wine fermentation tank. The process then goes smoothly and allows the lees to work more efficiently and deeply into the grapes.

Finally, the concrete used for the Dolia wine amphora tank facilitates a natural phenomenon of micro-oxygenation. Fine air bubbles will be inserted inside the vinification tank and mix with the beverage. The chemical reaction that then takes place will soften the tannins and contribute to the development of the wine's aromas. At the exit of the tank, we thus obtain a very fruity and round finished product in the mouth. As the amphora concrete wine tank does not transmit any taste to the fruit, we find a wine with a raw taste, close to the grape and its terroir.

Basic colors available
Blanc Coquille d'oeuf Gris anthracite Gris clair Gris moyen Lie de vin Noir Ocre rouge Pierre Vert d'eau
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The different models
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Modéle Volume Diameter Height Weight
CF 9 13.1 1,40 2,25 2,3