Customized tank

The customized wine tanks manufactured by Nomblot adapt to your requests and to the specificities of your winery. Whatever your needs, installations and space available in your winery, we will find the ideal shape and dimensions for your concrete tank.

Nomblot's custom-made wine tank formula has already seduced many wineries!

Why choose a customized wine fermentation tank?

The customized wine fermentation tank can be adapted to all spatial arrangements and to the multiple constraints inherent in the layout of the winery. Let Nomblot's teams advise you in defining the measurements of your future concrete wine tank(s).
Whether you need a square, rectangular, ovoid, truncated cone or other specific concrete wine fermentation tank, we will find the ideal compromise between space occupation and tank capacity.

What are the advantages of a customized concrete wine fermentation tank?

Nomblot, a French manufacturer of concrete wine tanks, chose this material for the many properties it possesses that promote the natural fermentation of wines.
Thus, a concrete wine fermentation tank allows the phenomenon of micro-oxygenation to take place easily. Inside the customized tank, fine bubbles of oxygen from the outside mix with the wine and work the tannins until they are softened. The final product is then very aromatic.
In addition, the customized concrete wine fermentation tank ensures a gentle vinification of the fruit, preserving it from sudden temperature variations. Concrete has an excellent thermal inertia!

Would you like to get a customized wine fermentation tank? Contact Nomblot, manufacturer of concrete tanks for wine, and let's make your project a reality!

Basic colors available
Blanc Coquille d'oeuf Gris anthracite Gris clair Gris moyen Lie de vin Noir Ocre rouge Pierre Vert d'eau
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