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Situated in Casablanca, Chili, the Montsecano Vineyard is one of the highest regarded producers of Pinot Noir in the country.

The winery was created by 3 Chileans and French winemaker André Osterag from Alsace, this vineyard adheres strictly to Biodynamic farming principles and only produces one grape varietal.

With respect to the vines and the environment, no pesticide nor herbicide is used in the farming of this vineyard.

Up to 8300 vines per hectare !

The vineyard makes up 5.5 hectares total, with a planting density of between 7800 and 8300 vines per hectare. The maximum production of the winery is only 5000 bottles per year, making the wine extremely rare. It is exported exclusively in Finland and in Brazil.

The team at Montsecano choses to vinify their Pinot noir in Nomblot’s Ovoid Egg and the high conicity truncated tanks (HRE model). © Julio Donoso

Wine tanks used

The model used in this winery is the vertical Ovoid Tank (Egg) MC Model. See all features.

The model used in this winery is the High-Conicity Truncated Tank. See all features.