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The Domain Viñedos de Alcohuaz, situated in the Elqui Valley in Chili, is equipped with two different concrete models from Nomblot: the Ovoid Egg tank, and the ACL truncated tank.

The concrete tanks offer an excellent thermal inertia allowing for a smooth and slow fermentation.

In the Ovoid tanks, shaped like eggs, the lies, or the sediment formed by dead yeast cells that normally fall to the bottom of the tank during fermentation, are constantly suspended by the internal current which creates a vortex due to thermal kinetics.

In the Elqui Valley

As a reminder, the alcoholic fermentation is the process that converts sugars to alcohol.

The Elqui Valley is a particular section of the Alcohauz region that, because of its geographic, geological, and climate properties, is particularly suited for growing grapes that produce wines of the highest quality.


The model used in this winery is the vertical Ovoid Tank (Egg) MC Model. See all features.

The model used in this winery is the High-Conicity Truncated Tank.See all features.