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The SCEA Gouache Valeyrac Bellerive, a winery located in the Médoc region, has chosen our concrete vats, for the development of its winery.

To fullfill the space constraints of the SCEA Gouache Valeyrac Bellerive tank, Nomblot has installed custom-made concrete tanks. These cubic wine vats are particularly appreciated for their ability to optimize the space inside the cellars. Indeed, Nomblot offers a service perfectly adapted to your needs and constraints by developing for your winery a concrete wine vat with personalized dimensions.

In addition to optimizing the available space, the custom-made square tank, designed in concrete, allows a natural micro-oxygen process and has excellent thermal inertia properties.

The Médoc region

During the micro-oxygen generation, fine oxygen bubbles will pass through the cubic concrete tank and blend with the wine.

This way, the tannins will be softer and the wine obtained at the end will have more developed aromas than in the case of a classical fermentation. In addition, the inertia provided by the concrete of the wine tank allows a gentle and slow fermentation of the beverage, preserving it from any too abrupt deviation of temperatures.

The wine is thus protected and can grow safely in the cubic wine tank. By choosing a custom-made square concrete tank, the SCEA Gouache Valeyrac Bellerive makes two strikes with one stone: the interior space of the cellar is optimized for the future development of production, and the quality of its wine is improved thanks to a high-end concrete tank and natural processes.


The model used for this winery is the Custom SM Tank. See all features.

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