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The Chilean domain Emiliana possesses over 20 of our Ovoid Egg-shaped concrete tanks.

Although available in many colors, this client decided to keep all of their MC7 Eggs in a classic “gris clair” color.

Situated in the Valleys of Chile in South America, Domain Emiliana has chosen to respect the environment and sustainably produce 100% natural wines.

Their biodynamic production of wines brings harmony between human and nature, and produces wines of the highest quality.

Recommended by the wine writer “James Sucking”

Their 2015 “Emiliana Valle de Colchega COYAM” was awarded a rare 95 points by the esteemed wine site James Suckling. Other wines from the Domain such as “Le Gê” 2010 and 2016 were given 97 and 94 points respectively by the same site.

These Chilean wines are crafted from vineyards with excellent location, access to water, favorable climates, and a tradition of viticulture and winemaking that dates back to Spanish colonization.

Cuves utilisées

Le modèle utilisés pour ce domaine est la Cuve Ovoïde vertical Modèle MC. Voir toutes les caractéristiques.