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The Château Mazeyres is located in Pomerol, Gironde. The vineyard of the Château Mazeyres’ estate covers more than 25 hectares of rich land and produces several varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. For the vinification of its Bordeaux wines, the estate has chosen to trust Nomblot.

Indeed, the Château Mazeyres has equipped its cellar with concrete fermentation tanks: the MC7 H1 ovoid model, one of the flagship references of the catalog of concrete tanks proposed by Nomblot.

These ovoid vats allow to obtain dense wines, provided of a beautiful tannic finesse.
Indeed, the egg-shape fermentation tank designed by Nomblot offers multiple advantages during the vinification process.

In Pomerol, Gironde

The concrete material was selected to make the wine tanks because of its great inertia, which preserves the beverage from temperature variations. In the vat, the fermentation of the wine is done slowly, leaving time for the fruit to develop a complete panoply of aromas. The concrete will allow the micro-oxygenation; the passage of fine air bubbles in the wine fermentation tank, which will allow to obtain softer tannins and enrich the aromas of the wine.

Moreover, the ovoid tank proposed by Nomblot, ensures a continuous mixing of the lees. A constant vortex in the fermentation tank, thanks to the curves of the concrete wine tank, ensures a constant movement of the lees and limits any intervention by the winemaker. No need for manual brewing or stirring, in the cellar of the Château Mazeyres!

Wine tanks used

The model used in this winery is the vertical Ovoid Tank (Egg) MC Model. See all features.