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The reputed Domain Carmen uses Nomblot’s high-conicity truncated concrete tanks to vinify and age their wines.

These particular concrete tanks offer a conicity varying between 26% and 31%, and are tailored to help winemakers achieve highly efficient thermal inertia during vinification.

The Carmen wines are produced from the Central Valley of Chili and extend up until the Cordillera of the Andes mountains.

The Carmenere is a unique grape varietal

Carmenere is one of the oldest grape varietals used in the production of red wines in Bordeaux. This varietal takes particularly well to the climates of Chili and has become rather popular since it has been recognized by the Department of Chilean Agriculture as a designated varietal.

Today Carmenere represents approximately 10% of vineyards in Chili with almost 10,000 hectares of this varietal planted.

Wine tanks used

The model used in this winery is the High-Conicity Truncated Tank. See all features.