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Situated in Breñas in the appellation of La Rioja in Spain, Bodega Tobelos has boasted a collection of Nomblot’s high-conicity truncated concrete tanks since 2015.

Tobelos stands out for its meticulous attention to detail with its viticulture and winemaking techniques. Practicing a selective and traditional viticultural approach, the grapes are harvested by hand, and the individual clusters are selected in the vineyard prior to being brought-in and re-sorted in the winery.

The vines of Tobelos are situated at a high altitude, in the Sonsierra, located in small farms with limited access. They hold plantings of Macabeu, Grenache Blanc and Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and of course, Tempranillo (the classic varietal of Rioja).

In the heights of the Sonsierra

Nomblot offers a range of truncated concrete tanks, in low and high-conicity. This fementation and aging tanks offers excellent volume efficiency in limited spaces.

The floor of the concrete truncated tanks holds a 5% slope towards the door and ports. This design allows the tanks to be easily emptied after fementation, as well as fully drained for transferring of the wine and cleaning of the tanks.

The concrete that composes the truncated tanks promotes healthy natural vinification and complex development of textures and aromas in the wine.

The concrete also allows for micro-oxygenation, allowing for very small air bubbles to pass into the wine during fermentation and aging. The result gives wines a softening effect on their tannins, and accentuates a purity of the aromatics and palate of the wine.

Additionally the truncated concrete tanks offer an excellent thermal inertia, avoiding any sudden spikes in temperature, which can negatively affect the fermentation process.

Wine tanks used

The model used in this winery is the High-Conicity Truncated Tank. See all features