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Founded in 1997 by Bob Betz, Betz Family Winery is located in Woodinville, near Seattle, Washington, USA. It is now run by Steve and Bridgit Griessel who took over the business in 2011, but Bob Getz remains at their side as advisor and winemaker.

Favoring quality over quantity, Betz Family Winery produces prestigious, critically acclaimed wines:

– In 2007, Bob Betz was named “Winemaker” of the Year by Sunset Magazine.

– In Robert Parker’s guide, their Cabernet has received between 95 and 97 points in the last 7 years.

– In 2008, their 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon was voted “Wine of the Year” by the Seattle Times and its critic Paul Gregutt.

– In 2014, their 2010 Père de Famille was ranked 6th by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in its “Top 100 Cellar Selections”.

It is in this context of exceptional wine production that Betz Family Winery has chosen to call on Nomblot, a French manufacturer of concrete tanks for wine, to equip its winery with truncated cone-shaped tanks of low conicity.

Near Seattle in the United States

The interest of concrete tanks is to facilitate natural vinification of the fruit. Through the micro-oxygenation of the concrete, fine oxygen bubbles slip inside the tank and mix with the wine to soften the tannins and develop the aromas.

Furthermore, concrete tanks have an excellent thermal inertia, which protects the wine from sudden and harmful variations in temperature and enables a gentle vinification process, respecting the beverage and the lees.

In addition, the truncated-cone-shaped concrete tank, beyond its resolutely modern design, facilitates the draining of the wine at the end of vinification and the cleaning of its bottom and sides. In fact, the Nomblot truncated cone tank has a slight slope towards the drain valve. The beverage at the end of vinification is thus recovered in its entirety, and the dead lees can easily be drained off.

Finally, Nomblot’s concrete wine tanks can also be used to store the wine until it is bottled.


The model used in this field is the low-taper Tronconical Tank.  See the whole range