Selecting Nomblot for the purchase or manufacture of your wine amphora or concrete wine tank means choosing a design that is meticulous down to the last detail.
We make it a point of honor to use the best quality materials and to invest all our know-how to manufacture, in our workshops, concrete tanks of exceptional durability.


We create the moulds of our concrete tanks for wine according to the needs expressed by the winemakers. Thus, depending on the shape of the wine tank and the options chosen, a metal reinforcement is built and shaped to the right dimensions. On the mould of the concrete tank are provided the different sealings desired on the final product (emptying, places for thermometer and thermowell ...), then a core is created and positioned inside the mould to make the inner part. Finally, the wine tank hatch chosen by the winemaker is placed before the concrete is poured.


After the assembling of the various elements manufactured during the preparation of the mold, the pouring can begin. To guarantee the excellent quality of its vinification tanks, Nomblot has chosen to use 100% natural concrete, which doesn't alter the quality of the wine in any way.

The turn of the mold, filled with concrete, is vibrated with a vibrating needle, which makes its surface perfectly homogeneous. The same technique is used to make the "ceiling" of the concrete tank and its upper part, which are made of the same block. In this way, our vinification tanks are poured in one operation and without re-concreting, for a uniform and resistant result. After making sure that the concrete is free of any unsightly dripping, we let it dry for 24 hours before demolding and removing the core of the concrete tank for wine.


After letting the tank age for a few days, it is time to start the finishing touches. The wine tank is ground to remove any roughness and then cleaned to remove any residues related to the moulding (dust, formwork oil, etc.). Inside and outside, the tank is polished with pure cement using a polishing brush. A slope of 3% is created in the bottom of the concrete tank. A drying phase of 3 to 4 days is then carried out to avoid cracks. Finally, the required stainless steel is installed on the wine tank and the finishing touches can be made around the radiators.


In order to guarantee the irreproachable quality of our concrete tanks, Nomblot performs a situational analysis on each designed part. Concretely, the tank is filled with water for 4 to 5 days while the concrete soaks in to verify that there are no cracks that could be the cause of a leak. If this test is passed successfully, the final finishes consist of polishing the stainless steel and adding a protective microporous varnish to the wine vat. This is very often requested by winemakers for its aesthetic and stain-resistant qualities.


Our teams and subcontractors, carefully selected and specialists in the field, also take care of the laying of the wine tanks, whether you are in France or located in the rest of the world.

Need more information about the manufacture of concrete tanks for Nomblot wine? Do not hesitate to contact us.