Domaine Denis Mortet

Located in the heart of the village of Gevrey-chambertin (Burgandy), Denis Mortet's estate is producing organic wine according to a philosophy of respect of the environment.

The wines, qualified as distinctive, pure and complex, are obtained by a rigourous cultivation of the wine in harmony with the plant, the climatic condtions and the ground life.
This makes it possible to obtain harvests at perfect maturity.

Among the wines of the estate, there are red and white wines, we can cite: Bourgogne Blanc, Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru, Gevrey-Chambertin « En Champs » or Clos-de-Vougeot Grand Cru.

The estate has chosen Nomblot round tapered tanks with a concave bottom for his new winery.

The concrete wine fermenters offer an ideal and gently process which guarantee a wonderful wine, very well-off flavours. The tapered wine fermenters with concave bottom made by Nomblot are conceived with high-quality concrete. Thus, the wine-making process is exalted.

Concrete allows the wine to stay at a stable temperature thanks to its thermal insulation. The wine-making process in the wine fermenter is then slow and gentle for the lees.

Furthermore, micro-oxygenation process of the concrete material let microscopic bubbles of oxygen get in the wine fermenter to soften the tannins and exalts the beverage flavours.

In addition, concrete wine tanks don't transfer any taste from its material to the wine, as is often the case with wooden barrels.

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