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The vertical ovoid tank takes advantage of the micro-oxygenation that is made possible by the clay-cement material. In this giant “egg”, the lees are continuously forced upward by an internal current resembling a vortex. This vinification tank does not require any stirring or stirring due to its ovoid shape, which makes it a major asset during winemaking. This wine-making tank with an atypical shape, inspired by Roman dolias, is one of the latest trendy tank models on the market. In...

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The ovoid concrete wine tank is derived from the amphora wine tank "Dolia". It is also one of the most famous pieces in the Nomblot catalog, which offers various advantages and time savings to wine growers.

The ovoid shape of this concrete tank generates a perpetual movement of the lees during the maturing phase. Constantly raised, the lees do not require any stirring or agitation from the cellar master. The resulting product is a round wine with fruity aromas.

Because it minimizes human intervention, the ovoid concrete wine tank allows all the greatest vineyards to save time, while enhancing the quality of their wine. The ovoid curves of the concrete tank manufactured by Nomblot respond to the problems of protein and tartaric stabilization of wine.

This ovoid concrete tank is a good alternative to barrel ageing. In fact, unlike wood, which will leave its mark on the wine, concrete is a neutral material that preserves the taste of the fruit and the terroir from which it comes from. Also, concrete wine tanks, such as the ovoid tank proposed by Nomblot, ensure a slow micro-oxygenation of the wines, which softens the tannins and brings out the aromas of the beverage.

For the vinification and fermentation of both red and white wines, this model of egg-shaped concrete tank is perfectly adapted. Nomblot's egg-shaped wine tank is particularly recommended for the production of special cuvées.

Nomblot can provide a wide range of wine tanks, each suitable for a different set of needs. Whether straight or round in shape, they all allow wines to develop their own natural characteristics.