About us

World leader in concrete wine tanks, Nomblot has been chosen by many wineries from all over the world. Would you like to acquire a quality wine tank to equip your winery? Let yourself be tempted by concrete wine tanks!

Concrete is a material known for its strength and porosity. Concrete wine tanks also offer a very good thermal inertia for wine fermentation.

Nomblot concrete tanks can be adapted to the different needs and specificities of each winemaker. Whether they are square, egg-shaped tanks or amphora-shaped, the vinification vats promise quality wines. They can also be made to measure to fit into the vats, depending on the space available.


Nomblot's concrete wine tanks have been chosen by the greatest wine estates. Our wine fermentation tanks are installed all over the world. In Europe, North and South America and Australia, many winemakers are convinced by the quality of Nomblot's vinification tanks.

World leader in the concrete wine vat market, Nomblot's strength lies in its ability to offer models that adapt to the different constraints of each winemaker. Manufactured in one piece, the wine tanks are guaranteed to be free of chemical additives.

The Nomblot company, created in 1992 by Etienne Nomblot, is today owned by the Béton Concept group, which also owns the company Hélicave (underground wine cellars).

The advantages of Nomblot's wine fermentation tanks

Nomblot wine fermentation tanks have many qualities for wine making. The first advantage of concrete tanks is their perfect thermal inertia. Indeed, concrete is a material capable of withstanding the temperature changes that take place during wine vinification. The required temperatures vary several times during the process, before and after the fermentation of the wine.

The micro-oxygenation technique is easily achievable in concrete wine tanks. The natural porosity of the concrete guarantees a slow and continuous micro-oxygenation for the softening and stabilization of the tannins.

Finally, Nomblot wine fermentation tanks are known to be neutral and durable. Concrete is a neutral material that does not alter the quality of the wine. Concrete wine tanks are durable and easy to maintain. Neutrality and durability are essential criteria for winemakers.