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5 faces corner tank MG model 5 faces corner tank MG model

The tank is set at an angle with accessories fitted to its smaller face, permitting an optimum use of space in your winery. The first angled tank was designed by Marjorie Gallet for the Roc des Anges domaine at Maury. The various accessories and closures are placed on the middle front facade, which forms the corner of the wine-making tank. This wine tank is the ideal solution if your cellar has limited space. The corner wine tank adapts perfectly to the difficulties and improves the layout...

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Our Nomblot range of "Specific Tanks" includes examples of concrete vinification tanks specially designed to meet the particular requirements of a vinification project. To this purpose, Nomblot manufactures custom-made tanks according to space and cellar layout constraints. The winemaking tanks thus designed can be optimally integrated into any winery, taking up the least amount of available space.

The 5-sided corner tank model MG, from the wine concrete tank manufacturer Nomblot, is the most renowned model in the "specific tanks" range. This winemaking tank is installed in a corner of the winery to optimize the available space.

Depending on its shape, a tank confers unique characteristics to the wine: this is why the concrete wine tank manufacturer Nomblot offers numerous models of vinification tanks. These allow to satisfy all desires and needs in terms of wine fermentation, vinification and storage. Nomblot's concrete wine tanks contribute, through their careful design and concrete construction, to help winemakers produce singular, quality wines.

Nomblot can provide a wide range of tanks, each suitable for a different set of needs. Whether straight or round in shape, they all allow wines to develop their own natural characteristics. The concrete tanks can be used for both wine fermentation and storage, as they help wine-grower to produce qualitative products.

We also make specialised tanks to cover more specific needs, such as pyramid-shaped tanks, and tanks which wrap around corners.

Available in a wide range of colors and compatible with a large number of accessories, the specific vinification tanks combine practicality and aesthetics! Whatever the shape and dimensions you wish to give to your concrete tank, it is designed for easy draining of the wine and cleaning of the winemaking tank despite the presence of angles.