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Customized tank Customized tank

The customized wine tanks manufactured by Nomblot adapt to your requests and to the specificities of your winery. Whatever your needs, installations and space available in your winery, we will find the ideal shape and dimensions for your concrete tank. Nomblot's custom-made wine tank formula has already seduced many wineries! Why choose a customized wine fermentation tank? The customized wine fermentation tank can be adapted to all spatial arrangements and to the multiple constraints inherent...

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Burgundy tank JB model Burgundy tank JB model

The main advantage of the JB cubic tank is its economical use of space. In every case, breadth, depth, and height are all equal. The first cubic tank was created for Jérôme Bressy of the Gourt de Mautens domaine at Rasteau.

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Burgundy tank B model Burgundy tank B model

The “Burgundian”vat is the first model Nomblot produced. It has become a standard of reference. It is the vat most commonly found in Burgundy where over 10,000 vats are in use.

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The square vinification tanks designed, manufactured and distributed by Nomblot meet the specific needs of winemakers and cellar masters. These French-made concrete tanks were designed to optimize the space available in the wine-cellars.

Nomblot's range of square winemaking tanks includes recognized references from the largest wineries. The Burgundy wine tank in particular, is today the most widely used in the cellars of exceptional vineyards in Burgundy.

Because of its particular shape and composition, the square vinification tank has specific qualities that ensure the smooth running of the fermentation, vinification and storage of the wine.
The concrete wine tank has indeed a micro-oxygenation; a very light passage of air bubbles inside the tank. This phenomenon will result in the softening of the tannins of the beverage in the concrete winemaking tank, for a very aromatic end product that brings out the taste of the fruit and the terroir.

Nomblot offers several references of square wine tanks. Thus, our Burgundy square concrete tanks, model B and JB are the most recognized products used in the Burgundy vineyards, as well as in other great vineyards of France.

Our company Nomblot, French manufacturer of concrete wine making tanks, adapts to the needs of wine growers, as well as to the installations and space available in the cellars.

On your request, Nomblot can design a custom-made square wine tank. This ideal solution, which optimizes the available space in the cellars, has already seduced many vineyards.