Cubic tanks

Nomblot can provide a wide range of tanks, each suitable for a different set of needs. Whether straight or round in shape, they all allow wines to develop their own natural characteristics.

The cube and custom tanks shown here clearly save on space. Now a benchmark among professionals, the Burgundy tank is one of the most popular tanks from Nomblot.

Wine tanks models

Customized tank Customized tank

Nomblot can adapt to your requirements and provide made-to-order tanks to meet your needs and the layout of your work-space. Numerous domaines have found this to be the winning formula.

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Burgundy tank JB model Burgundy tank JB model

The main advantage of the JB cubic tank is its economical use of space. In every case, breadth, depth, and height are all equal. The first cubic tank was created for Jérôme Bressy of the Gourt de Mautens domaine at Rasteau.

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Burgundy tank B model Burgundy tank B model

The “Burgundian”vat is the first model Nomblot produced. It has become a standard of reference. It is the vat most commonly found in Burgundy where over 10,000 vats are in use.

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