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Dolia tank Dolia tank

The Dolia wine amphora-shaped tank is a unique model, designed along the original lines of antique winemaking containers. Nomblot, French manufacturer of wine amphora, designed the Dolia concrete tank model, both aesthetic and practical to accompany a more natural winemaking process. The Dolia concrete wine amphora tank, with its curves inspired by the amphoras of antiquity, generates a continuous vortex within it. Thus, the lees are in constant movement and suspension, which limits the intervention...

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Nomblot conceived the "Dolia" wine tank, which inherits the design of ancient amphoras. The specific lines of this concrete wine tank constantly lift the lees by an internal current. Finally you get sweet and fruity-tasted wines.

Once, Roman people used big earthenware vases called amphoras for wine-making process. The main benefit of the method was to maintain a constant temperature inside of the wine tank to ensure a long and soft vinification.

So the Dolia amphora concrete tank, whish is inspired by the ancient Roman wine tanks like earthenware vases is a real time-saving trick for winemakers. You don't need any wine brewing or stirring to obtain products of high-quality!

The wine fermentation tank have no angle, so it eases the lees' lifting by the natural flow inside of the Dolia concrete tank. These feed the wine with their own gustatory and tannic wealth, so the product you finally get tastes really close from its soil.

The concrete wine fermentation tank develops little by little in French, starting with great vineyards which produce more subtle wines. The wine tank also develops great in biodynamic wine-making. The Nomblot's concrete amphora for wine fermentation offers authentic tastes to the wines, so it's more and more sough-after.

Nomblot is a French wine fermentation concrete tanks manufacturer. The "Dolia" concrete tank is one of the most famous model it proposes, well-knowned by great vineyards throughout the world. Discover the real taste of ancient and authentic wines with the amphora concrete wine tank for fermentation!